by Wendy Richardson, Chair

It’s cold outside! As long as you are hanging out inside I would encourage you to listen to these TWO podcasts that numerous people have recommended! I’m not BIG on Social Media platforms and I don’t listen to a LOT of podcasts but these two have caused SUCH a stir I couldn’t help but give a listen! They are LONG, I personally had to go back to each one on numerous occasions but what a WEALTH of information and TRUTH!

I have attached links to both Podcasts and they can be found for sure on Spotify on your phone or other device you might want to listen from.

The first podcast is Dr. Malone who is deeply involved in the formulation of MRNA. He is a vaccinologist and has spent 30 years on developing vaccines. In the podcast he sheds light on many hidden truths that we as the general public are not privy to.

The second podcast is Dr. Peter McCullough. Dr. McCullough has published more in his field then ANY other physician in history and is being attacked, censored and forced to defend himself.

Dr. Malone

Dr. McCullough