From the NH GOP: I wanted to make sure you saw Chairman Stepanek’s email from yesterday and just reiterate to all of you: in 2022 we are going to Retire Maggie Hassan, but only if we can count on your support.

We’re going to see one of the most expensive campaigns of the 2022 cycle right here in New Hampshire, and the race against Maggie Hassan will be the marquee U.S. Senate race in the country. Control of the United States Senate comes down to New Hampshire.

In order to ensure Republicans can win in 2022 and flip control of the United States Senate, we need to be aggressive. That starts now with a strong New Hampshire Republican Party.

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Consider making this a recurring, monthly contribution so that we can have the strongest state party to support our eventual U.S. Senate nominee, and I know our party is going to nominate a strong candidate who believes in the New Hampshire Advantage and will defeat Maggie Hassan at the ballot box.

New Hampshire voters are all about results, and the results speak for themselves: Maggie Hassan has failed us in the U.S. Senate and Granite Staters will replace her in 2022 – 47% of New Hampshire voters already want to!

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