by Wes Chapmon

I attended the live-stream meeting with Bob Giuda and Harri Hursti, the tech guru and self proclaimed hacker responsible for the “forensic” audit of the voting machines used in Windham. I hoped my questions and others would be answered honestly and professionally and I would leave the meeting with confidence in the audit. They were not and I did not. I will wait for the report until accusing Harri of fraud but here are my concerns. The audit was supposedly done in accordance with Senate Bill 43 sponsored by Bob Giuda. Harri referred to this several times to explain what they did and why. They explained how fortuitous it was that the memory cards were still intact and praised Windham for this. Then they tried to explain away a tape from one of the machines showing that the memcard was reset. Harri said he decompiled the eprom chips but that information could not be made public because of copyright infringement. They cleared the machines and performed the audit by running ballots through the machines to see if they could reproduce errors. The only significant errors they could generate were due to paper folds so this became the main suspect.

What’s missing? The data from the memcards and eproms. Imagine if a plane crashed and the NTSB collected the black box with the flight data and rather than auditing that data with multiple people verifying the process and making that data available to other agencies and the public, there was only one investigator that ever saw the data on the black box and he erased it and tested the black box to see if it was working properly. They spoke in detail about how they tried to recreate the process to find errors but Harri deflected questions about any audit of the data, logs and history stored on the machines or who, besides himself, audited that data, what it revealed about when the eproms were last flashed, operator logs, supervisor access logs, easter eggs, etc. none of that was discussed and there was no indication that such an audit was ever required by SB43.

All three of the “independent” auditors were part of or connected to an organization called Verified Voting. The auditors scoffed at questions about their association however Verified Voting’s annual report lists donors which certainly should raise concerns. Here are some links we should follow and consider.

About the DA

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Immigrants’ Rights

You may ask yourself, “Why would an organization such as Neo Philanthropy, with its stated goals, that supports these organizations, also support Verified Voting, which employees or has employed these three “experts” conducting the Windham audit?”

You may ask, “Why the State of New Hampshire would hire these three auditors, with ties to Verified Voting, to conduct such a critical “forensic” audit?”

You may question if Senate Bill 43 reqired the forensic audit to actually audit all the data logs of the machines to provide critical information about when they were accessed, at what level, when eproms were last flashed etc and what date was retained on the memcards, and if not, why not?”

You may also ask why anyone would defend these auditors from questions asked by NH voters instead of defending NH voters for asking them.

With all sincerity,
Wes Chapmon