Recently the State Legislature met to address a bill (HB 69) in regards to retaining the State Motto “Live Free or Die”, as well as the age-old motto “In God We Trust”, being displayed in schools.

Rep. Steve Woodcock (D-Conway) requested to have the floor make a parliamentary inquiry that was more of an incoherent speech. During his bizarre babble he talked about French Fries? Tried to draw a parallel to the motto of “Live Free or Die” being a factor in teen suicide? I’d like to address his last comment of “Jesus did not come to town with a sign hanging from his ass and nor should any school”, but I’m sorry to say even with all his “nuggets” he claims to be through giving up “his vacations, at vacation bible school”. I have NO idea what any of this has to do with his voting against having “In God We Trust” in schools.

I would like to point out that children have been entering the doors of schools which display these two mottos for MANY generations without being “triggered” as Woodcock suggests. Possibly it is NOT the mottos that traumatize them. I would suggest it is more likely because the moral compass of people like Woodcock and too many more are broken! These people are the same people supporting racism taught through Critical Race Theory, Gender Identity Confusion, as well as forcing young women to share bathrooms with men and compete in sports against men (Woodcock is an advocate for this).

It is unacceptable that God is banned from our schools. The disregard of the fragility and innocence of children is ludicrous and the people participating in this should be held accountable, not a motto.

See video of Rep Woodcock’s rant…

Wendy Richardson
Conway, N.H.