Good Afternoon Fellow, Friends, Republicans and Activists!

A LOT of bills are being heard as of late!! I am a firm believer in conducting these processes in person. That being said, there IS an advantage to these hearings being held “remotely”. The process to make your voice heard is easier then ever!! Let’s PLEASE take advantage of this as MANY are!!!

This week numerous bills will be presented, ones that could lend a VOICE to the VOICELESS!! Support these important LIFE bills! You can do this from the comfort of your home! It takes mere minutes to do and can be done up to 30 minutes before the bill is heard!!!

HB 625 – Fetal Life Protection Act: bans terminating a pregnancy after 24 weeks. Find out more about the bill here:

HB 625 Will Provide a Long-Overdue Prohibition on Advanced Late-Term Abortions

Register your SUPPORT of this bill! House Judiciary Committee hearing is Tuesday 2/9

HB 430 – Sidewalk Free Speech Act: Repeals the buffer zone. Many women change their minds and save a life when a safe person can point them other options Find out more about this bill.

HB 430 Restores Constitutionally Protected Free Speech Near Abortion Facilities.

Register your SUPPORT of this bill! House Judiciary Committee hearing is Tuesday 2/9

HB 434 – Prohibiting Use of Taxpayer Funds: will ensure that state law conforms to what the NH State budget has affirmed over and over, to find out more about this bill: https;//

Register your SUPPORT of the bill! House Judiciary Committee hearing is Wednesday 2/10

Please help defend the defenseless!

Please click on this LINK.

After you click on the link you will be taken to a Calendar enter the Date on the calendar that pertains to the bill you wish to speak on so for this instance TUESDAY 9th. Select Judiciary Committee, Enter the bill number, I am a member of the public, I am representing myself, I support this bill, continue, it will ask for your First and Last Name, your phone number and email address, continue. There is a small box to check on lower left hand corner that says you agree to the information provided, continue, you will then come to a page that will allow you to submit written testimony if you wish to support your approval with a testimony. That’s it!! It’s that simple!!!

It is SO important and EASY to devote a minute of your time! Please take the time!
If we can’t fight for the right to live then what else is there to fight for?


Wendy Richardson
Vice Chair, CCRC