October 25, 2020

‍Joe Sweeney

CONCORD—Today, the New Hampshire State Republican Committee launched a new website titled, “Corrupt Chris”. The website focuses on Congressman Chris Pappas’ failure to disclose his relationship with a corporate lobbyist who lobbied on legislation Pappas voted on. The website will host news as it breaks regarding Corrupt Chris’ ties to Washington special interests.

It is now known that Congressman Pappas has had a long-term relationship with a corporate lobbyist. On Wednesday during the WMUR debate, Pappas lied to Granite Staters, denying that the relationship existed. On Thursday, Pappas admitted to the relationship.

NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement:

“It’s no surprise that Congressman Pappas’ story changes by the day, Granite Staters have been told lie after lie as the Congressman has put special interests first in Washington. Pappas misled business owners when he said he’d support them, and he misled police officers when he said he would have their backs. On Wednesday, Pappas lied to Granite Staters again, denying being in a relationship with a corporate lobbyist. The lobbyist’s job was to influence legislation, at times bills that Pappas himself was voting on. Granite Staters deserve a Congressman who will fight for New Hampshire, not one that has become part of the swamp in Washington.”

This is exactly the kind of special interest politics that voters are sick and tired of. Granite Staters want to be heard over the corporate interests in DC, but it is clear that Congressman Pappas has put New Hampshire in the rearview since he went to Washington.”