Why we hope to represent Carroll County

• The NH advantage means no income or sales tax. Our opponents have already voted for an income tax. NH can not get people back to work with opportunity for everyone while imposing an income tax, sales tax or increasing business taxes.

• We will join with Governor Sununu in providing protections for pre-existing conditions, lower prescription prices and affordable health insurance.

• We support Governor Sununu’s effort to fund kindergarten and increase funding for schools. We also support educational choice and funding for charter schools like the Northland Woodland and Robert Frost while our opponents continuously undermine charter schools.

• We cherish the fundamental constitutional rights of speech, religion, self-defense and equal protection.

• We safeguard the rule of law and equal justice for all under the law while defending—not defunding—police, first responders and veteran’s programs.

• We can and will protect our environment while creating jobs.

• Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are inalienable natural rights and securing these rights for all citizens and legal immigrants is the fundamental purpose of our Great Nation.