Friends, we’re just 15 weeks away from the 2020 elections. We have 15 weeks to get 361,046 Republican and Unaffiliated voters out to vote on November 3rd for President Trump, Governor Sununu, and our entire Republican ticket- with Democrats amassing big donor checks to get out their voters in New Hampshire, we need the resources to fight back.

What we’re up against in this race: Joe Biden and the DNC joined forces to raise over $360,000 per donor, creating a massive influx of big dollars on the Democrat side. Jeanne Shaheen and Joe Biden will spend any amount in order to defeat us in November.

What we need to fight back: With the Presidency and Senate control on the line this year, we need to raise $10,000 this week to win New Hampshire and defeat Joe Biden and Jeanne Shaheen.

How you can help today: Chip in $5. It may not sound like much, but your $5 plus someone else’s $5 help us fight back against the Democrat big money machine. Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and national Democrats are going to finance New Hampshire Democrats, and we need to be able to fight back with grassroots contributors like you.

Rush $5 or more right now to help win New Hampshire in November and defeat Joe Biden and Jeanne Shaheen!