The New Hampshire Senate Republican Office
June 16, 2020

Bobby Collins
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Morse, French Fight for Fiscal Responsibility in New Hampshire

Concord, NH – Today, the New Hampshire Senate passed HB 1166, an unemployment compensation omnibus that would bring the state out of conformity with federal Department of Labor laws. Senate Republican Leader Chuck Morse (R-Salem) and Senator Harold French (R-Franklin) issued the following statements:

“The Department of Unemployment Security’s concerns with this bill ranged from a $50 million program they do not want or need to conformity issues that would cost the state’s small employers $200 million,” said Senate Republican Leader Chuck Morse (R-Salem). “The Unemployment Trust Fund is already being strained but this legislation would make the situation worse. This legislation is irresponsible and will have long term negative effects on businesses and workers.”

“There has been $103.5 million paid in federal reimbursements for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, but my Democratic colleagues just voted to put that expense on the Unemployment Trust Fund,” said Senator Harold French (R-Franklin). “Employers are already going to pay their Senate Democrats’ business tax increase, they cannot afford additional burdens brought on by this legislation. The opposition to this bill in committee was overwhelming and I will always oppose legislation that will bring financial hardship to Granite Staters.”