Governor Sununu has received $1.25 Billion from the COVID federal grant signed into law by President Trump a few weeks ago. This is the same bill which was held up by “Fake-faced Nancy Pelosi, Queen of NAPA Valley,” “The Snake of the House,” in her attempt to add her political agenda into the bill. By doing so, she stalled the signing, hence the distribution of this important, life-saving, economic aid to businesses across our country.

Now, it is happening within our own state of NH!

NH Democrats are identifying this as a “constitutional crisis” before the $1.25 Billion COVID-19 federal grant can be spent by the end of this month!

Governor Sununu is claiming that the state’s emergency powers laws gives him the sound legal footing to make these spending decisions without approval from the Democrat-controlled fiscal panel. As you may know, the NH Legislature is not even in session due to this pandemic virus situation.

Governor Sununu has created a BIPARTISAN, advisory board of eight (8) legislators, one of which, I believe, is our own Littleton legislator, Erin Hennessey, to consult with the the governor before divvying up the federal aid.

In Governor Sununu’s words, “The Legislature did a very good job crafting the emergency declaration after 911. This has allowed our state to be in a much better posture than other states around us find themselves. It’s not political, and it has nothing to do with party.”

As in the case of Nancy Pelosi’s interference with the creation of this bill (now law!) on the federal level, it is now the turn of the local Democrats to interfere, and hold up disbursement of these much-needed monies so they can get their way.

We need to send a message to the governor to proceed, and to the Democrats to back-off!


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Thank you for all that you do!


Joe Sweeney
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