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January 29, 2020

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Morse, Giuda support protecting education choice

Concord, NH – Today, the Senate Ways and Means Committee held a public hearing on SB 663, establishing a credit against business taxes for employer payments in the graduate retention incentive partnership program. It would have cut funding for the Education Tax Credit Program, serving students from low and medium income families across the state, by 59%. Eighteen members of the public testified in opposition and there was no testimony in support. The Ways and Means Committee recommended the bill inexpedient to legislate on a 5-0 vote. Senate Republican Leader Chuck Morse (R-Salem) and Senator Bob Giuda (R-Warren) issued the following statements:

“This legislation continues the pattern of attacks on school choice and innovative learning by Democrats in recent years,” said Senate Republican Leader Chuck Morse (R-Salem). “The Education Scholarship Fund, funded by the Education Tax Credit, gives children from low and medium income families the opportunity to learn in an environment that fits them better than the traditional public schools. It would have been an injustice to undercut the education opportunities of disadvantaged youth to pay for an employee benefit at private businesses. Rather than raiding the funds of a highly successful program that serve low income families, Democrats should find alternative means to fund their pet projects.”

“The Education Scholarship Fund has been an overwhelmingly successful program that has experienced 50-70% growth each year since its inception,” said Senator Bob Giuda (R-Warren). “It is a valuable program serving disadvantaged youth who can no longer safely or effectively learn in a traditional public school. Thanks to the children, parents and school administrators who testified in opposition to this bill, the Education Scholarship Fund will continue to serve the vulnerable children of New Hampshire.”