Speaker Shurtleff has failed to lead his caucus- evidenced by Democrat Representative Deb Stevens’s divisive comments.

Sadly, this is yet another New Hampshire Democrat elected official making ridiculous comments about her constituents and Granite Staters.

To suggest that Republican voters will cause a civil war depending on the election results is a dangerous insinuation and does great damage to the ability of Republicans and Democrats looking to work together. Help us defeat these Democrats in 2020.

As unhinged rhetoric in the Democrat caucus continues to spread from member to member, Speaker Shurtleff has been turning a blind-eye to his caucus’ misbehavior all session.

We need to elect a Republican majority to the House in 2020 to usher in new House leadership under a Republican Speaker. Will you invest in the NHGOP to get the job done?

Stephen Stepanek
NHGOP Chairman