Dear Friends,

Jerry DeLemus is an American patriot who was imprisoned, in our opinion, by a vengeful Obama administration for opposing its oppression at the Bundy Ranch. Jerry’s prosecution and sentence are outrageous.

You may remember that Jerry came to talk to the Lakes Region TEA Party several years ago. Jerry is a Marine, a Constitutionalist, and an activist who fights for our Republic and the principles that have made our country so successful. Please join me and many others in requesting a well-deserved and overdue pardon for Jerry.


Jerry’s lawyer in Nevada is going to be filing paperwork to ask for a formal Presidential Pardon on Monday 12/23/19. We are compiling a list of names for a “Committee to Support a Pardon for Gerald (Jerry) DeLemus”. We need as many names as possible, as soon as possible.

Please send email with your full name to Sue DeLemus, stating that you want to be added to the list of names on the “Committee to Support a Pardon for Gerald (Jerry) DeLemus”!

Sue’s email address is

You need not supply phone or address at this time, and we’ll let you know if that information is needed in the future.