by Maxim Ledoux

When is Rep. Chris Pappas going to focus on the needs of his constituents instead of trying to undo the results of the 2016 election? According to, Pappas has introduced only one bill since getting to Congress. So what’s he doing?

Last month Pappas voted according to the wishes of his leaders from California, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, to try to impeach President Donald Trump for, well, they haven’t decided yet, but I’m sure we’ll find out after the verdict.

Pappas’s pro-Impeachment (regardless of justification) position shouldn’t be a surprise. Back in July, Pappas released a statement declaring that Trump should be impeached because of Russian Collusion, even though the only collusion with Russia was done by the DNC and Hillary Clinton, who paid a British subject named Christopher Steele who then paid Russians and Ukrainians to make up things about Trump. Now Pappas still wants to impeach Trump, just for a different reason. (The reason is unclear, but has something to do with Democrats having different ideas about foreign policy than Trump.)

Not everyone reading this letter voted for or supports the president. That’s OK. But it’s not a reason to impeach this president or any president. There’s an election next year for that purpose. I support the president. He has kept more promises than any politician I can remember. What has Pappas done? Not much.