November 8, 2019

Joe Sweeney

Abject Failure of Leadership as New Hampshire Democrats Vote Against $46 Million in Education Funding

Concord, NH – Today, following a vote by New Hampshire Democrats to table $46 million in federal funding for New Hampshire public charter schools, Chairman Stephen Stepanek issued the following statement:

“Today, New Hampshire Democrats turned their back on New Hampshire’s at-risk students in a move that can be explained as nothing more than a sellout to union party bosses,” said Chairman Stephen Stepanek.”By moving to table a $46 million federal grant – the largest grant of its type in the country – Democrats are obstructing innovative education reform aimed at helping New Hampshire’s at-risk students. Democrats have made it clear that they are willing to shamelessly push societal obligations to provide students with the best education possible to the side in favor of protecting partisan unions. Senator D’Allesandro could not be more wrong in his claim that this funding creates a ‘competitive situation’ with public schools. In fact, the only competitive situation it would seem to create is with the interests of the unions he is so steadfastly and immorally protecting.”