July 25, 2019
CONTACT: Joe Sweeney

Democrats’ Double Standards

Concord, NH – Last week, Congressman Chris Pappas and his House Democrat colleagues passed a job-killing $15-an-hour minimum wage bill (H.R. 582) while the Puritan Backroom, Congressman Pappas’ restaurant, has a job listing out this week with a starting wage of $12.50 an hour. NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement regarding the Democrats’ Double Standards:

“In a booming economy, Congressman Chris Pappas wants to do everything he can to destroy the New Hampshire Advantage by voting to raise the minimum wage. This demonstrates two things – first, Congressman Pappas is happy to force others to pay a higher minimum wage than he is currently paying his employees. Secondly, and more importantly, Puritan’s hiring practices show that in our booming economy, employers pay far more than what the Government mandates them to do. This is a practical lesson that we do not need the Government to raise the minimum wage – the market does that on its own.”

“Further, Congressman Pappas voted to eliminate the tipped wage exemption in the same bill, while staff at the Puritan utilize tips to make above-and-beyond the mandated minimum wage. When the cost of labor goes up without an equivalent increase in the market assessed value of skills, low-skilled and entry-level workers lose out. Democrats like Chris Pappas vote for legislation they know will not become law in order to virtue-signal to their leftist supporters that they are with them, while refusing to run their businesses as if their policies actually went into effect. The people of New Hampshire deserve to know the truth about Congressman Pappas’ and the Democrats’ Double Standards.”