New Hampshire Democrat State Representatives, like Brentwood’s Liz McConnell, are terrified that their constituents are looking into her radical left wing voting record.

Democrats are trying to hide from their voting records as they rush a wildly out-of-touch agenda through the legislature. they don’t want you to know that they’re expanding government, raising fees, and even creating an income tax. The Governor vetoed the income tax, but it’s crucial that we hold these Democrats accountable for their voting records.

Continue to share their votes on your social networks (accessible here), and check out this article from GraniteGrok that describes the lengths Democrat Liz McConnell will go to cover up her voting record.


Rep. Liz McConnell wants to hide her voting record from constituents

Brentwood Dems want Selectmen to ‘Control’ Content of Independent Newsletter

“Last night, the Brentwood Selectman held their weekly meeting but this one was a tad busier than their regular meetings. The biggest issue was something that was printed in the independent newsletter called ‘Brentwood Newsletter.’”