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We’re doing everything we can to inform the people of New Hampshire about Governor Sununu’s superior voluntary paid family medical leave plan, compared to Dan Feltes’ mandatory income tax.

Dan Feltes’ efforts to create an income tax are just the latest example of New Hampshire Democrats turning to the far-left policies coming straight out of Washington.

While Governor Sununu is offering superior leadership and superior plans to address New Hampshire’s most-pressing problems, Senate Democrats, led by Dan Feltes, are pushing higher taxes, increased fees, and bigger government.

That’s never worked for New Hampshire before, and it certainly won’t work now.

We’re doing what we can to let the people of New Hampshire know about Feltes’ mandatory income tax, but we need your help to make sure every Granite Stater knows of Feltes’ mandatory income tax.
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We’re making sure the people of New Hampshire know what is going on in Concord. Make your voice heard – call Dan Feltes at 603-271-3042 today!

Stephen Stepanek
NHGOP Chairman

New Hampshire Republican State Committee
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