April 11th, 2019

Joe Sweeney

Concord, NH — New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement regarding the destructive Democrat budget passed by the House today:

“The budget passed by the New Hampshire House Democrats today is a reckless assault on the New Hampshire Advantage and our prosperous economy. Governor Chris Sununu brought forth a responsible budget that lives within our means and solves the Granite State’s most pressing problems. New Hampshire Democrats have taken that proposal and destroyed it, raising taxes and increasing government significantly while cutting one-time expenditures – putting New Hampshire at a severe disadvantage. While Governor Chris Sununu and Republican legislators are looking out for the most vulnerable in the Granite State, New Hampshire Democrats are looking out for their special interests.”

“Democrats had the opportunity to amend this flawed budget to match the strong and sustainable budget introduced by Governor Sununu, yet failed to do so. Republicans held the line and fought for New Hampshire values while Democrats passed a budget that flies in the face of our Live Free or Die spirit.”

Under this disastrous proposed Democrat budget:

– Taxes and fees would go up by $400 million
– An Income Tax is established to fund an inferior Family/Medical leave program
– Spending would increase over 13% compared to current spending levels
– One-time revenues generated via business tax relief and economic stimulation would be used to grow government
– Potential revenue from their destructive capital gains tax is inflated
– Government grows with 157 new employees
– Funding is removed for the Secure Psychiatric Hospital in a highly criticized and panned move
– Tens of millions of dollars in the Capital Infrastructure Fund for projects across the state are being cut