by Hon. Frank McCarthy

A new, recently released analysis finds that New Hampshire taxpayers are getting the best tax-dollar “return on investments (ROI)” in the nation. A panel of experts analyzed 30 metrics of the quality and efficiency of state government services across five categories, including: Education, health, safety, economy, and infrastructure/pollution. They found that New Hampshire ranked first in the nation in ROI, second in lowest per capita tax burden, third in education quality, forth in safety and ninth in overall economic performance. It found that overall, residents pay, on average$2,300 per person in taxes. In short, we get the most bang for the buck.

Interestingly, NH. Is one of only three “blue states” in the top 20. The remainder of the top performing states are all red states carried by Donald Trump in the last election. In fact, they found that red states had a far higher average score relative to “return on investment” then did their blue counterparts.

NH, has consistently outperformed the U.S. in economic performance, employment levels, household income, and now per capita income since, Gov. Sununu took office. With Gov. Sununu’s leadership and direction the GOP legislature, implemented a series of business tax cuts and regulatory reforms which is now considered the catalyst for our booming economic success.

Mr. Ray F. Chadwick, the chairman of Granite State Taxpayers, recently told the NH Journal, New Hampshire has a roaring economy, lowest unemployment, rising income, and net migration into the state, all of which are results of policies that promote freedom for our citizens and take less of their resources for running government.

All of the above is about to take a precipitous downhill slide, since NH democrats have made raising taxes and spending a key part of their policy agenda, having already added more than a half a billion dollars in new spending and #310 million in new taxes. Taylor Caswell, Commissioner of the NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs stated, I’ve worked with other states and at the federal level and nowhere have I seen a level of dependence on multiple stakeholders working with a common cause as here in NH. We have no sales tax, no income tax, and no capital gains tax. And what you don’t collect, you can’t spend.