William Marsh – Rep. William Marsh is running for his 3rd term in the NH House.

A retired ophthalmologist, Dr. Marsh is well known throughout the county. He ran his own private practice based primarily in Wolfeboro, and was affiliated with Huggins Hospital and, in the early years of his practice, with Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Marsh has served for 16 years as Trustee of Huggins Hospital, including two terms as Treasurer. As such, he is well acquainted with healthcare policy. He has also been the Moderator of the Town of Brookfield since 2010 and the Brookfield Health Officer since 2002.

As a Representative, Dr. Marsh has been actively involved in shaping healthcare policy in NH, including being the prime sponsor of HB511 in 2019, which clarified the law to get vaping devices out of our schools, and HB1623 in 2020, which expanded access to telemedicine in NH. As an advocate of free market healthcare, he was the prime sponsor of 2019 HB508 relative to Direct Primary Care. As an advocate for individual patients, he was the prime sponsor of HB237 establishing the NH Rare Disease Advisory Council, which he currently chairs.

Currently, Dr. Marsh serves on the Economic Reopening Taskforce, and serves on the Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs Committee. He was recently appointed to the Commission to Study Telehealth Services and the State Assessment and State Health Improvement Plan Advisory Council.

Dr. Marsh and his wife Stefanie live in Brookfield. The last of their 5 homeschooled children just enrolled in Connecticut College.

Karen Umberger – Karen Karen Umberger is someone who listens to her constituents. Someone you can trust. Someone who cares about you and when she is elected will always put the people of District 2 first. I am strongly opposed to a sales or income tax for New Hampshire. A sales tax will significantly hurt the valley’s economy as well as placing an undue burden on our low income families. An income tax will destroy the New Hampshire advantage. I will fight downshifting of state costs onto local property tax payers. It is essential we protect our forests and rivers so future generations can enjoy the outdoor activities that many take for granted will always be available. I believe it is essential we invest in education and career training that prepares our children for the global economy. We must invest in our roads and bridges, as well as ensuring high speed internet are available and affordable. I will work hard to improve our mental health system and fight to ensure continued funding is available for those suffering from substance abuse. I ask for your vote on November 3rd.

Glenn Cordelli – State Representative Glenn Cordelli is in his 4th term in the NH House of Representatives representing Carroll County District 4. Glenn currently is a member of the House Republican Leadership Team as Assistant Republican Leader.

He has been on the Education Committee in each term and has served on several study committees including the 2018 Education Funding Study Committee. He has been a leader in the House on student/teacher privacy and school choice issues.

Glenn has been House representative to the N.H. Home Education Advisory Council for two terms and this term was apointed to the New Hampshire State Advisory Committee on the Education of Children/Students with Disabilities. He was one of the tri-chairs of the House Republican Alliance (HRA) last term as well as House Representative to VolunteerNH.

Glenn lives in Tuftonboro with his wife, Christine, They have 3 grown children.

Brodie Deshaies – My name is Brodie Deshaies and I am running to be one of Wolfeboro’s state representatives in 2020. I loved growing up in Wolfeboro and taking advantage of all the opportunities our community has to offer. I graduated from Kingswood Regional High School in 2017. In high school, I was elected as the student representative to the Governor Wentworth Regional School Board. Even though I was a non-voting member, being on the school board taught me a lot about local government and the many responsibilities of our local officials. I also learned that I had a passion for serving our community.

Currently, I am a student at Saint Anselm College, and I work full-time helping to elect Republican candidates across New Hampshire. I major in History and English, and minor in Philosophy. Since the spring of 2019, I have served as the legislative liaison for the New Hampshire Federation of College Republicans. I was the Executive Director of the Saint Anselm College Republicans earlier this year and in 2019. Prior to serving as the Executive Director, I was the Treasurer of the Saint Anselm College Republicans. In 2018, I was elected as Wolfeboro’s Delegate to the Republican State Convention; and in 2019, I was elected as the Vice-Chairman of the Winnipesaukee Republicans.

I am running for state representative because I want to give back to the community that has given me so much. I want to work hard for the people of Wolfeboro and help prevent a sales tax, an income tax, and many other new taxes. I want to support our first responders, specifically our local law enforcement. They need our support now, more than ever. Together, we can help bring commonsense-conservatism back to Concord, adhere to our Granite State values, and usher in a new age of leadership. I hope to earn your support in this upcoming election.

John T. MacDonald – I am proud to announce that I will be seeking re-election to the House of Representatives for Carroll County District 6, which represents all the citizens of Wolfeboro.

I have lived in Wolfeboro for over 58 years. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Saint Anselm College. I retired from the New Hampshire State Police as a Detective, after a thirty- year career in New Hampshire Law Enforcement.

I am proud of my long career in law enforcement and am honored to be recognized by so many great organizations in our state. I received the Law Enforcement Officer of the Year from the Laconia Elks, and the U S Marine Corps League Distinguished Service Award, with a Bronze Medal, a Medal of Honor for Heroism from the NH Sunday News, Union Leader Newspaper, and The Everyday Hero Award, from the Carroll County Child Advocacy Center.

After retiring from the New Hampshire State Police, I graduated from the Massachusetts School of Law. I have served on the Town of Wolfeboro Budget Committee for over twenty-nine years, currently as Chairman. I also served as the Carroll County Law Enforcement Representative for our County Child Advocacy Center.

During this Legislative Session I served as a member of the Municipal and County Government committee. My committee considers bills that impact our town, city, or county government, local revenues, fees, and property taxes & exemptions. During my time on the committee, we passed important legislation like HB130, which provides a property tax exemption for disabled veterans. We also held the line on bills that would create a plastic bag tax and enact a California-style plastic straw ban.

New Hampshire’s lack of a broad based tax is critical to keeping our economy competitive, I will continue to fight the repeated attempts to pass an income or sales tax in Concord. I’m a firm believer that dollars and cents, although important to addressing our issues, is not the universal cure. It’s important that we use common sense to solve problems facing our state, and not just expect money to fix them. This is exactly what I’ll continue to do if re-elected.

If you should have any questions or concerns please contact me at 603-387-5255 or email me at

I would appreciate your support!

Best regards,

John T. MacDonald
Carroll District 6

Jonathan H. Smith – I was born and raised in New York in the suburb of Rockland County about 20 miles north of Manhattan. During my childhood I spent much of my time in Queens visiting family, where my parents were raised. My grandmother (father’s mother) immigrated into New Hampshire (Berlin) from Canada. She met her husband and moved to Astoria Queens. My father spent much of his childhood summers visiting family in Berlin. I still have family there today. I am deeply blessed that I was given such loving parents. This has made me who I am today. My parents are about to celebrate 55 years of marriage.

I have been married to my lovely wife for 22 years and been together for 29 years. We have two children. Our son is 19 and attending the University of NH enrolled in the Environmental Sciences program. Our daughter is 17 and attending Kingswood High School as a senior.

During high school at the start of my senior year I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps under the delayed entry program; where upon graduation I would enter active duty to start training to serve as a C130 turbo prop mechanic (MOS 6016). Upon graduation I took a bus south where I stepped out onto the yellow footprints of Parris Island, South Carolina, in awe of what I just undertook. 88 days later I was medically discharged. Deeply disappointed I asked myself “What am I going to do with my life now?” I then enrolled with DeVry University where I studied Electronics Technology and graduated with a 3.72 GPA. I was hired by Lanier which at the time was a division of 3M, as an electronic technician. A short time later I was appointed to the NYPD as a police officer which I served up until I was appointed to the FDNY as a firefighter. During my career as an FDNY firefighter I participated in the largest rescue operation ever on American soil which was 9/11.

When I became eligible for retirement I took advantage of it never looking back being grateful that I survived. Upon retirement my wife and I contemplated moving out of NY due to the steady decline in economics and the politics of NY. I did my research as I always do and considered Wyoming, South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee and New Hampshire. I was looking for small government, individual liberty and the respect for private property rights. New Hampshire won hands down in all of these categories. I cherish the freedom and liberty here and will fight continuously to defend it. I was overwhelmed with joy when I was able to attach my first set of license plates to my vehicle with the state motto proudly displayed “LIVE FREE OR DIE”. These are the immortal words of General John Stark where he said completely “Live Free or Die, Death is not the worst of evils”.

I have been living here in Ossipee for the last 7 years. I have served this town continuously over the last 6 years in many forms. Presently I am serving as a Selectman and Planning Board member. I previously served as the Deputy Treasurer, Budget Committee and as a Trustee with the Trustee of Trust Funds. I am also a member of the First Congregational Church of Ossipee (FCCO) where I regularly serve the community.

I love this state. I cherish it. I have a vested interest in seeing it thrive. I experienced firsthand what happens when voters are complacent; government takes control of the wheel which ends up leading to a crash.

My main purpose and goal as your State Representative is to serve you by upholding my oath and the State constitution without question. When a bill is presented to me I will first determine if it is following the constitution and secondly if it is limiting the power of state government. If neither then I will vote it down. My fear is that this state will become the place I left; a centralized power hungry corrupt behemoth that will slowly trample your individual sovereignty and freedom. I will never allow that to happen. Live Free or Die.

Nicole Nordlund – I have lived in Madison for 18+ years. We moved to NH 19 years ago. We did not move to NH to change NH. For me, Yankee ingenuity, liberty (the live free or die state), and the rich history drew us here. The search for community, similar to what it was, during my childhood, led us to the MWV. We definitely found it. What a special place to call home.
I am married, 21 years, to my husband, Karl. I have worked in the hospitality industry (restaurant/catering/cook/ management) for 35 years, through high school, college, and beyond. I have been at my present job, with Flatbread Company, for over 16 years. We own 2 small businesses. We are currently working on a 3rd. My husband is a school teacher, of 18 years, at K.A. Brett in Tamworth, and previously a carpenter. We have a son, going off to college this year and a daughter in elementary school. We are both supporters of school choice.

I currently serve as the Madison Advisory Budget Committee Chair. I have been on the committee for 6+ years. I have served on the Energy Committee and the Fire Truck Replacement Committee. Hard work has paid off as the fire truck and budget committee have been diligent and successful at saving money. I have worked in the NH foster care system. I come from a family involved in both police and fire response. Madison Fire and Rescue is an organization I support and am thrilled to raise money for. I am a proud supporter of NH Agriculture.

I have a natural inclination to want to help and be responsive to find answers for friends/community members when they are concerned. I feel passionately about representing, not regulating.

Over the past 2 plus years, I have attended several Executive Council, DHHS, and JLCAR meetings. I testified, along with a very full room of heroes (NH Foster Parents), in February during a snowstorm. This was in Concord to fight against discriminatory new language regarding foster licensing. Recently, I have attended a Demographic Trend presentation by Representative Harrison Kanzler and have become interested in learning more about our local housing situation. I have been a landlord, in several capacities, for 20 years. 55% of MWV works in hospitality, as have I, for 35 years. Therefore, I feel compelled to learn and lend some insight.

I have the great fortune to have a sincere and experienced running mate in Mr. Mark McConkey. I hope you will consider us as you move into the voting booth this year.

Please feel free to reach out anytime.

Nicole Nordlund

Ray Gilmore –

We have 5 Children, spread between Pre-K and 7th grade who attended the Josiah Bartlett Elementary School, until COVID hit. This year, we switched to homeschooling, in order to provide the best educational opportunity for our children. They are my primary focus in life and always will be.

From the Top of Mount Washington, Across Oceans, Through Combat Deployments, Injuries, Illnesses and more. Marriage is not easy, and relationships are hard. They require work, to make them work. Cassie and I have put in that work, and we have been blessed for it. We pride ourselves in the life we have built.

After graduation from the University of Vermont (UVM), I was commissioned into the US Army. Less than 40 days later, the world changed, when The Towers came crashing down.
I spent the ensuing years in South Korea, Afghanistan, New York, Missouri and Kansas; assigned to historic units like the 10th Mountain Division, The Big Red One, and 2ID. From “Platoon Leader” to “Combat Advisor”, I excelled. I was an Airborne School Honor Graduate, Ranger and Sapper Qualified, Captain with a Master’s degree in Public Administration through the US Army Corps of Engineers. I was consistently ranked at the top of my classes and assigned duties well above my grade, until I was injured in 2007 in Afghanistan, and forced to medically retire.
Since then, I have refocused my efforts on healing my body, and helping other Veterans, Police Officers, Fire Fighters and EMT’s do the same.

I have served on multiple boards and volunteered for a number of causes and organizations across the valley. From a D.A.R.E. role model and tutor at Kennett High School, to an Advanced EMT at UVM, and beyond; I have always been focused on serving the communities in which I lived.
While assigned to the 10th Mountain Division, I organized outdoor events for Service Members & Veterans, always sharing his love of skiing and taking any chance he could to share his home with his brothers and sisters in arms. Following my injuries in 2007, I turned my focus to working with injured, wounded and disabled Veterans; demonstrating that there is life after #injury and that #PTSD doesn’t have to rule you.

In 2018 joined the Board of Directors for The Azimuth Check Foundation, in order to work with Service Members and First Responders year round. He has since then become a member of the NH VA-Zero Suicide Initiative as well as the Governor’s Council on Suicide Prevention.
(603) 356-7777 •