To the editor:

New Hampshire has a long and storied history of recruiting its everyday working people to participate in government. Electing people who are invested in the community is the New Hampshire way.

Recently I was mocked and branded naïve for believing I can be employed full time, while running for commissioner. This runs contrary to the New Hampshire way and seems to suggest that the only people who can run for office are those who are independently wealthy or retired.

As a woman, who worked while earning a law degree, I am the candidate who knows how to balance a budget, a job and the important work of running our county with a team of other officials.

While I do not believe baling hay is a requirement for the position of commissioner, I vow to do what the county needs. It is vitally important to be a neutral and objective manager, who understands the workings of each department. For instance, a commissioner should understand that referring to other officials as “flower power girls” or “sorority sisters” is inappropriate and inflammatory.

I believe that it is possible to disagree without being disagreeable. I believe that a certain level of respect should be afforded to your fellow commissioners, elected officials, citizens, and even our political opponents.

When one has a complete lack of understanding of the roles that departments play in our county, it raises concerns about the role that commissioner has in managing $34 million taxpayer dollars. A county commissioner should educate themselves about the departments they oversee and the entities affiliated with the county.

Routinely approving extravagant expenses for some departments, while holding up vital funds for others, depending on who the department head is can no longer occur. I believe that all departments need to be treated fairly, held accountable, and be given respect.

We cannot routinely disparage other elected officials during commission meetings because they disagree. We cannot use our position to punish people we do not like and reward people we do like.

I am a lifelong Carroll County resident, a hard-working mother and dedicated public servant who contributes every day to the lifeblood of this county. I assure voters I will devote whatever time is needed to the position of commissioner.

Kim Tessari