by Hon. Frank McCarthy

Governor Sununu, the most popular Governor in the Country has, as of this writing, vetoed in excess of 53 Democrat sponsored Bills. A record of sorts! The vast majority of the vetoes were easy to make, common sense decisions. That said however, most New Hampshire patriots would consider an additional number of the vetoes to be most profound, significantly meaningful, and constitutionally relevant, especially to those who believe in our constitution and love freedom!

One of the most fundamental rights of any free society is the right to vote. However, unless our Federal and State constitutions, and all related applicable laws are being implicitly enforced…without exception, there will be extensive voter fraud. Why then, are the Democrats hell-bent to open our local, and federal elections to thousands of non-residents temporarily housed within our great state? How can our state sovereignty be considered failsafe, when we allow tens of thousands of out-of-state, non-resident college students, nursing students, welding students, motor vehicle repair students, and others, to vote in our elections?

Democrats say we are unconstitutionally denying them their right to vote—Which is absolute total hogwash. During a lifetime of military service, including more than 10 years of foreign service, I was never denied my right to vote. It’s a simple matter of obtaining an absentee Ballot. Shouldn’t college students have enough common intellect to be able to do at least that much?
The Democratic sponsored bill, SB-67, if signed into law, would have totally negated House Bill 1264, which clarified the general statutory definitions of “resident”, “inhabitant: and “residence or residency.” By the way, prior to being signed into law last year, HB-1264 was previewed by, and found constitutional by the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

Sen. Melanie Levesque, D. Brookline, wants to give voting privileges to, what she refers to as, “temporary residents.” The Senator claims to not allow “temporary residents” voting privileges is unconstitutional. How ludicrous is that. Mark my words, along with open borders, the abolition of ICE and voting privileges for illegal-aliens, all are on the socialists agenda.

Anyone who does not truly comprehend the reason Democrats want out of state, college students and other temporary residents to be allowed to vote in New Hampshire, probably also believes Micky Mouse really was a linguist.

Here is the real gist of it. State motor vehicle laws, which have been in place for decades, requires that an individual claiming residence in the State of New Hampshire must acquire a New Hampshire driver’s license and register their vehicle in NH, within 60 days of making such a residency claim. By voting in New Hampshire, one automatically avows New Hampshire residency. However, since the majority of out of state students care little about our state, they refuse to abide by certain portions of our motor vehicle laws or, if they believe they will become subject to those laws, they will not vote. That’s how important voting really is to them. However, the Democrats need those votes, and are willing to give up our state sovereignty along with hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost registration and license fees to prove it.

One final note. The Democratic position relative to the Bills outlined above, is controvertible to and repudiates our State Constitution. Article 7. of our constitution states: “The people of this state have the sole and exclusive right of governing themselves as a free, sovereign, and independent state;” etc.. No mention of visitors that I could find. Article 12. of our constitution states: “Every member of the community has a right to be protected by it, in the enjoyment of his life, liberty, and property; he is therefore bound to contribute his share in the expense of such protections, and to yield his personal service when necessary.” Obviously, Democrats believe out-of- state students are somehow untaxable, privileged characters who should be allowed to vote, but not be subject to our motor vehicle laws, nor to our perjury laws. Even when they falsely swear to residency.

The following, in his own words, is the Governor’s veto message relative to SB-67: “This bill would undermine House Bill 1264, a bill I signed in 2018 which put every voter in New Hampshire on equal footing by making all those who vote in New Hampshire subject to the same legal requirements. New Hampshire now aligns with virtually every other state in requiring residency in order to vote. House Bill 1264 restored equality and fairness to our elections, and the Supreme Court ruled the bill is constitutional while also affirming that New Hampshire had a compelling state interest in seeing the bill enacted. Senate Bill 67 would take us back to the days of unequal treatment of voters. Allowing that to happen would be a dereliction of my duty to uphold the provisions of our State Constitution that mandates equal protection under the law.”