by Frank McCarthy


“The Department of Justice on Tuesday charged 50 people with participating in a scheme to get students into colleges by cheating on entrance exams or bribing athletic coaches. The parents charged include the actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, as well as executives at prominent companies, venture-capital firms, and law offices. Coaches and test administrators were also among the people charged. 20 people have pleaded guilty so far in the case, including Huffman.”

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So, I can understand this: If your parents break the law to get you into college, you should be expelled from school, they should be indicted, charged and convicted of a felony and may serve some time in jail.

ALTHOUGH… if your parents break the law to get you into this country… You should be given a FREE education, healthcare on the American taxpayers’ dime and EVERYONE should be given AMNESTY.

That my dear friends is the retarded logic of a Liberal Democrat.